Out of Bounds March 2014



March 2014


We are two for two for good weather so far this year.  Temperature was just right for Moffett.  I didn’t receive too many complaints from the players and we had a great turnout of 24 players.  The complaints consisted of the course being very rough with a lot of squirrel and owl burrows however those were mostly in the rough.  But there was a note on the card which said you could take a free drop from those areas.  I thought the greens were great, the bunkers had new sand and there were more good stops in the fairways than bad.  There were a few great rounds led by Darren Orrell and Byron Lade was net 64’s and Victor was close by with a 66.  Congratulations Guys!!!  One more good note was we had a new guest join us who we hope will join the club.  It was Tony Zoffman’s Birthday and he brought Pat Rielly.  Let’s try to convince more players to join.


Please note the schedule below.  I again had to change the April Tournament back to Deer Ridge from Shadow Lakes and change the date to the 27th.  I guess no one noticed that the 20th was on Easter Sunday.  Fortunately, they did not charge me the higher rate for Deer Ridge.


I have made the commitment for Poppy Hills on May 18.  I had good response from most of you and it should be a good size group.  I will need to know if any additional members want to join us by the middle of April if I need to add an additional tee time.  It is a little later start time at 11:00AM but essentially, everything was booked for weekends for the entire year.


After continued efforts on Marc’s behalf to get us to play up north, we have scheduled June 22nd to play at Teal Bend just north of Sacramento.  It will be an early first tee time at 9:00AM, but that should get everyone back to the bay area before dinner time.  I will continue to look for new courses to play but will always take your inputs into consideration but you need to let me know what they are.  I don’t like to play the same course 2 years in a row, so I am looking back to 2012 and before for those we haven’t played in a while.  The difficulty I have in selecting courses is that they require a minimum of 20 players and that may be a problem with our current membership.


Membership 2014

Membership will be $70 for returning members after the deadline ($10 extra for reinstatement).  New members are $70 for the first year and $60 thereafter. (NCGA charges an extra $10 for new members).  

I am asking everyone to make an effort to recruit a friend, coworker, family member, etc. to join the club.  

It really is a competition as there are literally hundreds of clubs doing the same thing that we are trying to do.  I have printed up some business cards and you are welcome to pass them out to anyone you think might be interested in joining us

Tournament Results

Moffett:  Darren Orrell was 1st with net 64. Byron Lade was 2nd also with a net 64 but Darren beat him out on the 1st handicap hole.  Victor Tapia was 3rd with a net 66, Randy Jacobsen came in 4th with a net 72 and Bob Coates edged out a couple of others for 5th with a net 74..  Closest to the Pins were won by Chris Cena, Jim Kolodziej, Darren Orrell and Randy Jacobsen. There were only 11 Net Skins and Darren Orrell also led the field by winning 5, followed by Tyson Jasso (3), Charlie Strebel (2) and Brian Fitzgearl (1). There were 5 winners on Scratch Skins: Marc Hornbuckle (2) and Brian Fitzgearl, Charlie Strebel and Pat Rielly (1 ea)…


Our next tournament is scheduled for Pacific Grove Golf Course on March 23

The cutoff date is March 13th.  Please let me know if you intend to play.

2014 Schedule

Golf Course                 Cut Off Date     Cost Play Date       1st Tee Time Location

Pacific Grove 3/14/14 $80 3/23/14 10:00AM Monterey

Deer Ridge 4/11/14 $70 4/27/14   9:30AM Brentwood

Poppy Hills 5/09/14               $125 5/18/14 11:00AM Pebble Beach

Teal Bend 6/13/14 $75 6/22/14   9:00AM Sacramento

Spring Hills 7/18/14 $75 7/27/14   9:30AM Watsonville


Charlie Strebel Cell: 510-299-1647

1514 Roselli Drive Work: 650-852-5834

Livermore, CA  94550 E-mail address: strebelcp (at) aol.com

Out of Bounds April 2013

Hi All,
I hope everyone had a great Easter and are now looking forward to the upcoming events for the summer months.  We have some great venues over the next few months and then of course, we have our annual trip to Reno in September.  Incidentally, I will be making the preliminary plans but have not selected the courses we intend to play.  I am thinking of Wolf Run and Lakeridge but am open to your suggestions.
Our next event is coming up very quickly on Sunday, April 21st at Lone Tree Golf Course in Antioch.  The cutoff is next Friday, April 12th.  Please let me know if you intend to play and of course, you can RSVP on our website.
The newsletter is below and also attached.  Please take a look at page 2 and 3 as it contains some interesting information that everyone should know and be responsible for.
Thanks and I hope to see you all at Lone Tree.

                                                THE PHOENIX GOLF CLUB’S


I must be a scheduling guru as the weather again turned out to be fantastic for a spring day.  Short sleeves and shorts work for me.   Despite the rather slow greens, the scores were the lowest I’ve seen in some time.  There were a few hazards which came into play for many and their scores reflected their errors. We had a 3 way tie for first with net 67’s but Bob Coates beat out the others on the #1 handicap hole.  We also had a 3 way tie for 4th and 5th place so the scoring was really tight. I do like the course and maybe in a couple of years, we can play the Gavilan Course instead..  Next month at Lone Tree in Antioch, is a course we’ve played every couple of years.  It’s one of my favorites and they treat us pretty well.  Hope we have a good turnout.



I would like everyone to take a look at page 2 of the newsletter for some important information on the Handicap System.



I appreciate all of those who are now using the website to send your RSVP.  I realize there are some of you who don’t have computers or are not very experienced with computers, but it really makes it easier for me to know who’s in or not.  I only ask that you reply with a YES OR NO as to whether you will be attending the upcoming event.  We’ve also added an RSVP to the website if you wish to respond that way.  I have a cut-off day in the newsletter for a reason.  I have to commit to the number of players by that day.  Some courses let you make changes in the week before but we have been charged when people cancel at the last minute.


The website continues to be developed by Emily Ryslinge. Take a look for yourselves and send any suggestions to Emily or myself.  Also, send it to any of your friends who might be interested in joining the club.  I’ve added more information in the “About Us” header.

Membership 2013

It looks like we will be losing a member this month as Jeremy Ball is moving out of state.  There are a couple of potential members who we need to twist their arms to join us.  

Tournament Results

Ridgemark:  Bob Coates was 1st with net 67. Tony Nicoletti came in 2nd  and Byron Lade came in 3rd  also with net 67’s.  Tony Zoffman beat out Tyson Jasso in a tie-breaker for 4th & 5th with net 70’s. Closest to the Pins were won by Scott Hereld, George Kemp, Ruben Soares, Colin Fitzgearl and Bob Coates. There were a bunch of  Net Skin winners with Ruben Soares (3), Tony Nicoletti (2) and Bob Coates, Brian Fitzgearl, Tony Zoffman, Tyson Jasso and Tom Stephenson( 1 each). There were 5 Scratch Skins going to Bob Coates, Ruben Soares, Brian Fitzgearl, Tony Nicoletti and Tyson Jasso.